Wednesday, August 25, 2021

My Food Storage Plans

 Ok, no matter what you're preparing for...a hurricane that knocks out your power for two weeks ( been there) , an ice storm that shuts down your entire town for weeks ( been there), A HISTORY MAKING TEXAS SNOWSTORM, ( been there) or Armageddon, you need to be ready to feed your family .

While there are other preps besides food I'm concentrating on just food for this post.  

 I've divided my prepping supplies into categories.

Drinks...lemonade mixes etc, shelf stable milk and powdered milk, tea and coffee

Baking...flour, sugar, yeast, baking powder, baking soda, vinegar, honey, cocoa powder, salt, spices, pancake mix, cornbread mix.

Condiments...olive oil, coconut oil, mustard, ranch dressing, bbq sauce, catsup, maple syrup, mayo, broth

Canned goods..chicken, tuna, carrots, corn, green beans, chili beans, cannelli beans, fruits, baked beans, chili, soup, stew

Nuts...walnuts, almonds, peanuts

#10 cans... ground beef, diced chicken, cheese powder, butter powder, honey powder, pb powder, 

Dried items beans, pintos, black beans, split peas, navy beans, rice, lentils, barley, noodles, potato flakes

This is a part of my what I prep. Want to know why? 

Because this was last week at my store.

My list is certainly not exhausted but it's a enough to get us thru some hard times , no matter what they are. 

I'll share other prepping lists next time.

Monday, June 14, 2021

The Start

Ok, right here, here is where I start my blog.
I am a homesteading homeschooling mom of 2.....5  have flown the coop already and 1 has made me a grandma four times over while I have another grandbaby due in August!

  Two years ago, life was different. I still lived here and was still a homesteading homeschooling mom but I was married. . I am getting a divorce now and as the saying goes  "you don't recognize me because I'm putting the pieces back together differently".

Life is challenging but it is what it is. God is good.

I want to use this blog to showcase what I do on a homestead without the money others use to build fancy chicken coops and goat pens.   To tell you tidbits about my farm that might make you smile.    To share baby animal pictures , or baby grandchild pictures! .  To pass along a recipe ..or just chit chat for a bit.

I am passionate about my farm. Even my roosters! ( does anyone else buy 6 chicks and get 5 roos? ) I plan to build it back up and I'd like to share that. So far I have three goats, fifty chickens, seven ducks, three geese and five turkeys. I miss my cow deeply but she and 17 of my goats are living on another farm now. Likewise my pigs and horse.

I am passionate about saving money. I use grocery store apps, do surveys, sell eggs,and am trying my hand at affiliate marketing ...anything to earn some money since my lupus and working a job don't work well together.

Anyway, that is what this blog aims to be and do and I hope you join me.